RV Preventive Maintenance Checklist


Preventive / Scheduled / Emergency Maintenance

First, inventory your RV “Road/emergency kit” make sure any used / depleted items are replaced or cleaned and ready.

Inspection Frequencies

  • (D) = Daily or Frequently (when fueling?)
  • (W) = Weekly
  • (BW) = Bi-weekly
  • (M) = Monthly
  • (BM) = Bi-Monthly
  • (A) = annually
  • (BA) = Bi-annually
  • (OC) = with scheduled oil change
  • (PM) = per manufacturer recommendation

Interior Body RV maintenance checklist (M)

    • paneling condition (does it need cleaning?
    • Carpeting (does it need cleaning?)
    • Cabinets/knobs condition? Clean, refinish, repair?
    • Inside cabinets and compartments. Use a flashlight! Any sign of vermin? or leaks?
    • Light Bulbs and/or loose fixtures – function test
    • Switches – Function test
    • Loose moldings, vent grills etc.?
    • upholstery and curtain condition
    • Mini Blinds condition? Need cleaning?
    • Smoke/Propane/CO Detectors. function test
    • Window Condition. Any sign of leaking around the frame?
    • Vents. Function and integrity. Any sign of leaking? Need cleaning?
    • Mattress condition evaluation
    • Shower stall and sinks. Caulking? Mold? Leaky faucets? Mineral deposits?

Exterior Body RV maintenance checklist Tow vehicle/Trailer/Motor-home/Toad (M)

    • Skin Need cleaning? Need waxing? Some say a clean skin actually gives better fuel mileage!!!?
    • Skin – any stress cracks that will need attention?
    • Seam Caulking condition?
    • Roof, membrane condition? Need cleaning, re-caulking of penetrations or seams?
    • Window / Door caulking
    • Loose screws anywhere?
    • Under the belly……anything look loose or “wrong”? Take your time, this doesn’t get seen much!
    • Slide weather sealing strips – condition?
    • Check of all running, brake, headlights, turn signals, ALL exterior lights
    • Windshield Wipers – condition?
    • Door lock function – lube with a “dry” silicone based “lock” lubricant (oil just attracts unwanted dirt to a lock)
    • Weigh your entire rig Tow vehicle and Towed so you know exactly where you are at in relation to your GVW and GCVW – Occasionally to make sure you haven’t “gained too much weight”
    • Measure and record (Know) the height of your RV
    • Clean and lube landing gear on trailers. (A)
    • Are there ANY possible entrance points for mice or other vermin that need to be sealed? (1/4 inch is all they need!)

Appliances interior and exterior RV maintenance checklist (A)

    • Furnace – inspect and clean blower, combustion chamber, control compartment (remove any dust, lint, obstructions, test gas line for leaks. (A)
    • Flush Hot Water Heater 2 -3 times annually
    • Hot Water Heater sacrificial electrode – Install if absent / replace as needed
    • Manually Operate Pressure-temperature relief valve on Hot water Heater (A)
    • Clean Hot water heater burner tube (per manufactures instructions) (A)
    • Refrigerator – Defrost as necessary
    • Inspect refrigerator door seals
    • Inspect refrigerator burner flame per manufacturer instructions in owners manual
    • Inspect and clean burner / flue of refrigerator per manufactures owners manual
    • Inspect and clean the area *behind / at the rear* of the refrigerator.
    • Make sure the refrigerator thermo-couple tip is clean and secure
    • Metal mesh screens over furnace / hot water heater exhaust vents – condition? (Or install one!)
    • Clean Air conditioner Filter

Engine/Engine Compartment/Drive-train RV maintenance checklist

    • Oil level(D)
    • Oil change (OC)
    • Transmission level (OC)
    • Transmission oil/fluid change (PM)
    • Transfer case level (OC)
    • Transfer case oil change (PM)
    • Differential oil level (OC)
    • Differential oil change (PM)
    • Fuel filter change
    • Power Steering Fluid level (OC)
    • Windshield Washer fluid (OC)
    • Radiator Coolant level (OC)
    • Coolant Change (PM)
    • Battery Terminals – condition – clean or replace? (BM)
    • Startup Battery
    • Engine Air filter condition – clean/replace? (OC)
    • Master Hydraulic Cylinder Fluid level (OC)
    • Radiator hoses – cracked / soft? (OC)
    • Fan belts – cracked / worn ? (OC)
    • General Visual inspection – Leaks anywhere? Cleanliness? (D)(OC)
    • Diesel Fuel additive “on hand”

Tires/Suspension/Brakes RV maintenance checklist

    • Air pressure (add valve extenders to dual tires to make it a lot easier to check (W)
    • Tread wear (Abe Lincoln test – Place a penny in the tread with Abe’s head down. If you can see the top of his head it’s time for new tires!) (BM)
    • Tire wear pattern – any indications of alignment/shock absorber “issues”?
    • Tire rotation due? 5,000 miles +-?
    • Visual inspection of suspension and brake rotors. Any fluid leaks? broken, loose, worn shackles, bushings, tie rods, etc? (BM)
    • Cracked / abraded brake lines? (BM)
    • Disc brakes – brake wear, rotor “wear” (excessive “grooving of rotors”?) (BM)
    • Brake function – do the brakes “pull” one way or the other? or do they stop straight? Is excessive pressure required to stop? Excessive squealing or noise when applied? Some very light, occasional squeaking is normal especially with disc brakes (dust on the rotors). Loud or prolonged indicates something is wrong. (every time you drive it!)
    • Wheel Bearings repacked? (A)
    • Brake lining inspection (A)
    • Brake adjustment (3000 miles)

House Power Systems – Solar and Generator RV maintenance checklist

    • Clean Batteries and terminals (only takes a few minutes and sure makes things look better!) (M)
    • Check specific gravity of each cell with a proper tester (M)
    • Fill each cell to proper level with distilled water (M)
    • Check voltage (M)
    • Clean Solar Panels (Maximize their efficiency) (M)
    • Check all wiring connections for tightness (M)
    • Exercise your generator monthly (two hours per month under load. “Use it or Loose it” (M)

General Electrical Wiring RV maintenance checklist

    • General inspection of all visibly accessible wiring, switches, breakers etc. Look for collections of dead bugs, loose connections, abrasions etc. (M)
    • Remember to look UNDER the rig for anything abrading, working loose, cracked insulation, etc (M)

Propane RV maintenance checklist

    • Check all fittings and lines. Use a soap water mix for leak detection. They can rattle loose going down the road! (M)
    • Test all Detectors (part of interior inspection as well) (M)
    • Inspect propane bottles for corrosion / damage. Replace if any doubt exists. (M)

Hitch Systems RV maintenance checklist

These can be adapted as they make sense for your type of RV. I maintain a constant observation of the Hitch. Integrity of this system is literally a matter of life and death.(Varies from every time you fuel / hitch up to monthly) Easy to do while you are waiting for your fuel tank to fill up!

    • Check for ease of function / lubrication (D)
    • Worn /abraded / cracked parts on locking mechanism (D)
    • Inspect for loose bolts or any signs of movement where there should be none! (D)
    • Inspect for signs of any cracking or failure in the Fifth wheel attachment to the truck (D)
    • Inspect the Hitch structure on the trailer for any signs of cracking as well. (D)
    • Inspect the Wiring umbilical for trailers. Clean or replace if corroded or damaged (D)
    • Ditto on Motor-homes. Inspect / test any connections and systems used to activate Toad brakes / Tail lights (D)
    • Test Breakaway switch per manufacturer instructions (M)

Water Systems – Fresh and Waste – RV maintenance checklist (Pretty much as you go. each time you fill or dump)

    • Inspect all valves for leaks
    • Inspect water pump for leaks
    • Sanitize the Fresh Water Tank / system – as often as you feel the need to. You can not clean your fresh water container too much
    • Sanitize your Fresh Water fill hose
    • Back Flush the Waste Tanks
    • Go over your connection Dump Hose and fittings. Replace anything worn

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