C440-HVAD Digital Hybrid Controller for Wind Turbines & Solar Panels


Video | Manual | Review | Coleman Air | Sourced From Missouri Wind and Solar | purchased this item on August 17, 2017

440 Amp – Diversion (Charge) Regulator with:

  • Fully digital user interface
  • Two DC breakers/disconnects.
  • Automatic battery voltage detection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Built in D/C Breakers.
  • Factory wired for both wind and solar

Fully wired, ready to go for both wind and solar. Works directly with 12, 24 and 48 volt systems! This controller has been designed for wind systems but also works for solar systems up to 125 amps**

**Note: 440 amps is not continuous, but is limited to 20% duty time in the diversion mode only.

Charge Controller Features:

  • Fully Digital user interface.
  • Solenoid based with 3 stage charge control (bulk, absorb, and float modes).
  • No jumpers or potentiometers need to be set.
  • LCD 2 x 16 Back-lit display
  • Both manual and automatic equalize modes are available.
  • Dual shunts for monitoring both solar and turbine amperage and wattage.
  • Automatic Nominal Battery Voltage Detection.
  • Nearly all charge parameters can be set.
  • Relay on time can be controlled and set for diversion times up to several hours.
  • Upper and lower set points can both be set.
  • Automatic LCD back light dimming to save energy.
  • Dual internal Truck Star breakers, one each for your turbine input and diversion output.

Use this controller to regulate and prevent battery overcharge in:

  • Solar Systems
  • Wind Systems
  • Hydro Systems

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