Prepare, Prepare, Prepare – Items That Sell Out Quickly In A Crises



Survival Preparedness That Anyone Can Do


The list below includes items that are common sense – however, if you do not have them right now, this minute, then acquiring them later or during the “crises” may be impossible. Each time you go to the store, buy one or two items of non-perishable food items – put them on the bottom shelf of your pantry, train yourself to not use those items – over time you will build up a store of items for use during a crises.

Have a minimum of 5 cases of bottled water on-hand – rotating your supply each time you buy a new one – DO NOT RUN TO THE STORE DURING THE CRISES “THERE WILL BE NO BOTTLED WATER AVAILABLE”… 

Water Source, Bottled water. Water quality can be compromised in a disaster, so bottled water and water purifiers go quickly. It’s a good idea to have plenty of both.

Non-perishable food. Almost every crisis produces a power outage. Without refrigeration, non-perishable food is highly valued. It can keep you and your family going for an extended period of time.

Flashlights and batteries. Even if you have a functioning generator, you probably won’t be able to keep all your lights on. Flashlights come in handy both inside and outside, and batteries are what keep them going.

Emergency radios. Communications go down when the electrical grid takes a hit. People still want to know what’s going on, and these radios can tell you which direction the crisis is taking, where to go for help and where to stay away from.

Gasoline/Diesel CAR. Whether someone is planning to get out of Dodge quickly, or just preparing to do so if necessary, having a full gas tank is a priority. But long lines at gas stations make it a challenge either way.

First-aid kits. Many folks already have one of these in their homes, but having one in a vehicle is also a good idea. Especially when you may need to hit the road in a hurry. Make sure to include your human and pet medications.

Toiletries. Again, everybody already has these, but the fear of running out – at home or on the road – is a major incentive for acquiring more. Grabbing a wide assortment is the way to go.

Baby supplies. You might not have a baby in your home, but diapers and other baby items will go very quickly in a crisis. Some folks stock up on these items even if they don’t have a baby, due to their bartering value.

The small stuff. Many miscellaneous items disappear quickly, including ones you might not think of. Such as plastic bags, garbage bags, duct tape, lighters, can openers and rope. As well as basic tools such as hammers, nails, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.

Guns and ammo. You probably won’t find these items at your local supermarket, but they are very much in demand before and during a crisis. Disasters bring out the best in some people, but they also bring out the worst in others. Protecting what you’ve stockpiled for an emergency may require a weapon.

Generators. Now, in a lot of ways, each crisis will dictate to some degree which items sell fastest, but we can imagine that in every crisis, power will be off. That’s why the #1 item that sells out when a crises is projected is a generator.

Duel Fuel Generators are a smart choice because they create life-saving electricity when you need it most. Duel Fuel means you can operate it with multiple sources of fuel, Gas and Propane.

Our top recommendation is the Westinghouse iGen4500DF Inverter Generator.

You can use it to run kitchen appliances. Power your personal or medical devices. Or light up a room with an LED light string… for weeks at a time.

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